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Lock-On 360 - Version History

Ver 1.1.0

  • Added support for camera offset

    3 example camera point of view is included in the LockOnCharacter example blueprint

  • Added Camera Proximity Limit system

    This is used to assign a distance limit on how close the camera can be to the target

  • UI updates, several UI variants added

  • Added UI info text, active LockOnTarget component can have its information shown on the crosshair

  • Improved out of range deactivation system

  • Code refactoring

Ver 1.0.2

  • Added out of range deactivation feature

  • Added out of range UI

Ver 1.0.1

  • Added ConfirmLockOnActive function

    Used to check whether the lock-on is currently active or not.

  • Added LockOnUpdaterFramerate property to LockOnManager

    Used to control the update frequency of the lock-on system, default value set to 120 FPS.
    Lower framerates might lead to unwanted shakes and jittery to the camera movement.

  • Removed OnDefaultCameraYaw and OnDefaultCameraPitch

    Redundant events.
    Role already fulfilled by OnGamepadCameraYaw, OnGamepadCameraPitch, OnMouseCameraYaw, OnMouseCameraPitch.

  • Added UI settings: FlickLineColor and PotentialLineColor

    FlickLineColor is the color of the line that indicates the direction of the flick, appears only momentarily.
    PotentialLineColor is the color of the lines that indicates all possible targets on the screen.

    Both settings can be changed from the Details tab of the LockOnManager component.

  • Added some properties to access the lock-on targets.

    CurrentTarget returns the currently active target.
    PotentialTargetList returns all of the possible lock-on target that is visible on the screen.
    IsTrackPotentialTargetList is the flag used to ensure that PotentialTargetList is updated every cycle.

Ver 1.0.0

  • Lock-On 360 initial release