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Female Shooter - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is the Female Shooter compatible with another marketplace asset/package?

The general guideline is as follows.

If the mentioned marketplace asset works with the ThirdPersonCharacter from UE4 ThirdPerson template, then it'll most likely work with the Female Shooter.
Do note that we can't always fully confirm that this will always be the case, especially with the vast amount of assets there are in the Unreal Marketplace.

If you encounter some issues when using the Female Shooter asset together with another marketplace asset, do let us know through either Discord or email.
We'll take a look and see whether there's anything that can be done to fix the issue from our side.

Use case scenario?

So far, there are at least 4 scenario on how/why would you want to use the Female Shooter character template on your project.

1. You're starting from scratch and want to add a female shooter character to your game

For this scenario, we recommend that you build your character on top of the Female Shooter default character blueprint.
You can find it in Content/FemaleShooter/Asset/GunnerGirl/GunnerGirl_Skeleton/GunnerGirl_Character.

2. You have an existing character and want to add some/all of the Female Shooter functionalities to the character

For this scenario, we recommend that you follow the tutorial here.
It will guide you on how to add all the necessary components and functionalities of the Female Shooter template to your custom character.

3. You have an existing list of animations and want to make a playable character out of them

For this scenario, you should first setup your character using either point 1 or 2 above.
After that, you can follow this tutorial here for detailed instructions on how to use custom animations with the Female Shooter template.

4. You want to use the Female Shooter animations and manage them using your own animation/character controller

For this scenario, the list of animations you're looking for can be found in the Content/FemaleShooter/Asset/GunnerGirl/Anim/GunnerGirl_Animation folder.
If you need an example of how the Animation Blueprint is implemented in the demo, see Content/FemaleShooter/Asset/GunnerGirl/Anim/GunnerGirl_AnimBP.