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Female Shooter - Overview

Template Overview

The Female Shooter character template is a collection of pre-made functionalities that can be used as a base to develop a dual gunner character for your project.
As of Version 1.3.0, it includes 97 animations and 9 blendspaces of a female gunner character wielding a dual handgun setup.

The functionalities are provided as a set of Actor Components, meant to be used on a third person character.
The components can be added to an empty character as well as an existing one (such as the UE4 ThirdPersonCharacter from the ThirdPerson template).

The template supports easy swapping and replacement of the provided default animations with any custom animations that you may have.
Thus, even if the default animations included are indeed made for a female character, they can actually be substituted for any type of character with minimal setup.

Animation Blueprints are implemented using Sub-Graphs to make things more modular.
They can be blended to your existing animation blueprint with minimal adjustment.

The skeleton used for the package is compatible with the one used for the ThirdPerson UE4 Manequin.
Both Male and Female versions of the mannequin have been tested with this package and are included in the example blueprint.


Examples Characters can be found in

  • Content/FemaleShooter/Blueprint/Character.

Example Animation Blueprints can be found in

  • Content/FemaleShooter/Asset/GunnerGirl/Anim/GunnerGirl_AnimBP_WithDefaultAnimations
  • Content/FemaleShooter/Asset/GunnerGirl/Anim/UE4_Mannequin_Animation/ThirdPersonMod_AnimBP

Further Instructions

Further instructions on how to use the package are explained in the links below.
It is recommended that you read the following articles in order.