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Female Shooter - User Guide

Adding required components

Navigate to your character's blueprint, open the file.
There are several components that you'll need to add to enable the Female Shooter functionalities on your character.


The list of components required are,

  • GunnerGirlComponent
    This contains basic locomotion, crouching, rolling, jumping, and somersault actions.

  • TwinGunhandler
    This contains most of the gun related actions and shooting system.

  • CameraSwitcher
    This component is required for the aiming system to work properly.
    Also used to smoothly switch the view between multiple Camera Components inside the character.

  • ItemCollector (Optional)
    This component is used to interact with some of the items on the map.

  • KeyPressHandler (Optional)
    Used to handle continuous KeyDown events from inside the character blueprint. Not required if your inputs have already been setup inside the Project Settings.

Add all of these components using the Add Component button.
Do note that all the necessary components can be found inside Content/FemaleShooter/Blueprint/Component.

Once that's done, we will proceed to prepare all the necessary sockets for the components.