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Female Shooter - Version History

Ver 1.4.0

  • Added new shooting range map (Content/FemaleShooter/Map/Map06)

  • Added target circle actor with health component
    Comes with variable damage, depending on where the shot hits the target circle

  • Added multi-weapon equipment, carry, and swap

  • Added 2 new placeholder weapon, boomstick and autogun

  • Simplified gun system

    • Implement gunspin using code instead of animation
    • Moved weapon actors from Content/FemaleShooter/Asset to Content/FemaleShooter/Blueprints/Weapons
    • Add gunspin rotation speed and direction parameter that can be controlled from HandgunComponent
    • Removed gun animations (not required for gunspin)
    • Added auto gun setup helper function
  • Added recoil effect to the camera

  • Added gunshot mark (by default applied to target circle only)

  • Equipment system update

    • Code rewrite
    • Implement option to either detach or destroy the equipment once removed
    • Added individual weapon pickup and drop system
  • Added 4 new camera control functions to GunnerGirl_Component

    • GamepadTurnHorizontal
    • GamepadTurnVertical
    • MouseTurnHorizontal
    • MouseTurnVertical

    It is recommended to use these functions instead of the CameraTurnHorizontal/CameraTurnVertical
    These functions are added to facilitate control over camera sensitivity settings

  • Added aiming sensititiy modifier (for both gamepad and mouse)

  • Adjusted camera lag to make exploration and aiming feels less 'floaty'

  • Changed demo's minimum desired framerate to 120 FPS

  • Added UI: Camera Settings

    • Gamepad Camera Axis control (Inverted/Normal)
    • Mouse Camera Axis control (Inverted/Normal)
    • Gamepad Camera sensitivity
    • Mouse Camera sensitivity
    • Gamepad Aim Modifier
    • Mouse Aim Modifier
  • Added UI: Gameplay Settings

    • Option to activate/deactivate auto-strafe when guns equipped
    • Option to activate/deactivate Gun Recoil
    • Gun Recoil modifier, control how strong the recoil effect is during normal shooting
    • Gun Recoil modifier for aim mode
  • Added UI: Graphic Settings

    • Screen resolutions
    • Screen mode
    • Volumetric Fog
    • Exponential Fog Density
  • [BUGFIX] Gun stop spinning if equipment is changed during spinning
    Fixed by adding an optional function to synchronize the gunspinning mechanism to TwinGunHandler

Ver 1.3.2

  • Added UI - FPS Counter

  • Added Witch Gun Equipment Set

  • Added High Heels modifier system
    Setting can be found inside Equipment Set.
    For usage, add HighHeelsComponent to the character, and add HighHeels_AnimBP sub-graph to the animation blueprint.

  • Renamed GunnerGirl_AnimBP_WithDefaultAnimations to GunnerGirl_AnimBP
    Located in Content/FemaleShooter/Asset/GunnerGirl/Anim.

Ver 1.3.1

  • Removed Content/FemaleShooter/Blueprint/Data/GunData
    Redundant DataAsset, usage replaced by EquipmentSet

  • Added archive for Version 1.2.0
    Location at Content/FemaleShooter/Ver_1_2_0

  • Added UI - Resolution + Windowed Mode options

Ver 1.3.0

  • Added projectile shooting system
    Shooting can be done using either one of these configurations,

    • both hands

    • left hand only

    • right hand only

  • Added dual crosshair UI

  • Added crosshair offsets
    Offset changes are not reflected in the UI
    It only affects the actual location of where the shot is being directed to

  • Added Aim Mode
    Implementation handled by CameraSwitcher

  • Added EquipmentSet
    Settings related to sockets and gun mesh are now part of EquipmentSet

  • Added Ammodata
    MuzzleFlashParticle are part of AmmoData now

  • Added extra effects for projectile usage
    This includes

    • Bullet Mesh

    • Bullet Trail

    • Bullet Impact

  • Added ShootingPattern
    The pattern can control which hand is supposed to shoot, and the interval for each shot

  • Added TwinGunHandler component
    Gun-related functionalities are relocated from GunnerGirlComponent to TwinGunHandler

  • Implement sub-graph design approach towards the animation blueprints
    The animations are now handled by 2 sub-graph based animation blueprints,

    • GunnerMovement_AnimBP, which handles the character locomotion
    • TwinGun_AnimBP, which handles gun related animations

    Both animation blueprints can be used independently from each other

  • Added SimpleItem package
    Used mainly for demo purposes

  • Added ShootingCans
    Used mainly for demo purposes

  • Added ChangingText
    Used mainly for demo purposes

  • Added Map03

  • Added ThirdPersonMod_Character and ThirdPersonMod_AnimBP
    This is a modified version of the ThirdPersonCharacter with some TwinGunHandler functionalities added into the character

  • Renamed several functions

    • Shoot --> StartShooting
    • UnShoot --> StopShooting
  • Removed I_Handgun_Actor interface, functionalities replaced by HandGunComponent

  • Updated GunHand's directional system
    New animations added to create blendspaces for GunHand Aim and Shoot
    Hands now point towards the direction of the shots.

  • Replaced AnimNotify usage with GunnerGirlNotify and TwinGunNotify

  • Reorganization of blueprints and assets

  • Added a fallback mechanism for animation variables inside GunnerGirlAnimBP or GunnerGirlAnimBP_WithDefaultAnimations.

    For each of the GunnerGirlComponent Animation variables, if the variable is set to empty, the system will do a fallback and try to use the value inside the assigned AnimBP instead.
    Use GunnerGirlAnimBP if the expected behavior is to have on default animations at all.
    Use GunnerGirlAnimBP_WithDefaultAnimations if the expected behavior is to go with the default animations included with the FemaleShooter package.

Ver 1.2.0

  • Easier approach to substitute the template's animation with user's custom made animations.

    The animations are now listed as variables inside the GunnerGirlComponent.
    User can replace them without accessing the animation blueprint.

    Listed under the 'Animations' category, 8 Blendspace and 8 Anim Sequence variables are available.
    AnimNotify events will need to be added to the custom animations to communicate properly with the system.

  • Added several events to GunnerGirlComponent

    • OnLeftGunShot, dispatched when the left gun releases a shot
    • OnRightGunShot, dispatched when the right gun releases a shot
  • Gun and Holster socket names are now modifiable and can be changed from the GunnerGirlComponent Details tab

    Listed under the 'Sockets' category as:

    • LeftGunSocketName
    • RightGunSocketName
    • LeftGunHolsterName
    • RightGunHolsterName
  • Muzzle Flash effect are now modifiable and can be changed from the GunnerGirlComponent Details tab

    Listed under the 'Effects' category.

  • Added functionalities to replace equipment during runtime.

    Can be accessed from these 4 functions

    • GunnerGirlComponent.ReplaceLeftGun
    • GunnerGirlComponent.ReplaceRightGun
    • GunnerGirlComponent.ReplaceLeftHolster
    • GunnerGirlComponent.ReplaceRightHolster
  • Add parameter IsAllowSomersault to the GunnerGirlComponent.TriggerJump event

    This can be used to control whether to perform a Somersault or a Double Jump when GunnerGirl.TriggerJump is called while the character is airborne

  • Added CineCameraBoom and CineCamera to GunnerGirl_Character

  • File reorganization

    • Moving Content/FemaleShooter/Asset/GunnerGirl/Anim/GunnerGirl_Animation_1_1_0/ShowcaseVersion to Content/FemaleShooter/Asset/GunnerGirl/Anim/ShowcaseAnimation
    • Merging Content/FemaleShooter/Asset/GunnerGirl/Anim/GunnerGirl_Animation_1_1_0 into Content/FemaleShooter/Asset/GunnerGirl/Anim/GunnerGirl_Animation
    • Removed redundant animations

      • GunnerGirl_Roll_Forward (superseded by GunnerGirl_Roll_Forward_U2)
      • GunnerGirl_JumpStart (superseded by GunnerGirl_JumpStart_Base)
      • GunnerGirl_JumpLoop (superseded by GunnerGirl_JumpLoop_Base)

Ver 1.1.0

  • Code cleanup, moving to a component based approach to implement the functionalities

    Most of the Character's code have been moved into GunnerGirlComponent.
    Code for inputs remain on the Character.

    4 new components are added:

    • GunnerGirlComponent
      Most of the character's functionalities are placed here.

    • Equipment Handler
      Optional component used for managing the spawned equipments.

    • Camera Switcher
      Default component used for handling smooth camera switching

    • KeyPress Handler
      Optional component that can be used to process input.
      Is not mandatory/required, espectially if input is already set through 'Project Settings/Engine/Input')

    Added multiplayer replication

    Current status for the Multiplayer Replication feature:

    • Singleplayer
      No known issues so far

    • Local multiplayer
      Working, with minimal issues

    • Local multiplayer with dedicated server
      No known issues so far

    • Network multiplayer

    Do note that the Multiplayer Replication included in Version 1.1.0 is an experimental feature.
    It is not recommended to include the multiplayer functionalities of Version 1.1.0 into your project.
    Further testing will be required before the replication can be assumed to work properly in a multiplayer setup.
    Test, implement, and use this feature at your own discretion.

  • Updated inputs

    • Default input for Walk is now set to Left Shift
    • Default input for Crouch is set to Left Ctrl or Left Alt
  • Added 2 new functionalities

    • 8-directional Roll
    • Acrobatic Somersault


    • 4 new blendspaces


    • 26 new animations





  • Added Map02, containing updated demo animation showcase.

Ver 1.0.0

  • Playable Female Shooter character template with dual-gun setup.
    Consists of:

    • 1 Character Blueprint (GunnerGirl_Character)
      Fully arranged and ready to use, containing all the necessary logic to control the actions and animations.
      Gamepad and Keyboard+Mouse inputs support, input code placed inside the Character Blueprint.

    • 1 Animation Blueprint (GunnerGirl_AnimBP)
      47 animations + 4 blendspaces fully arranged inside the Animation Blueprint.

    • 1 Placeholder Handgun Actor + Skeletal Mesh
      Idle and Gunspinning functionalities/animations included.

    • 1 Female Mannequin Skeletal Mesh (Based on a modified UE4 Mannequin, scaled to female proportions)
      4 additional sockets added to hold Weapon and Holster.

    • 2 Placeholder Holster Static Mesh

    • 1 Placeholder Muzzle Flash particle effect.
    • Adjustable gun aim animation, direction can be adjusted to where the camera is pointing.
  • The following actions can be performed out-of-the-box without further adjustments:

    • run/walk (in normal and strafe mode)
    • crouch + crouch walk (in normal and strafe mode)
    • jump + double jump
    • forward roll
    • equip/unequip gun (with either normal or gunspinning style)
    • twin gun shooting (alternating between the right gun and the left)
    • adjustable gun aim animation, direction set to where the camera is pointing
    • muzzle flash creation every time each gun is shot
  • Demo map included (Map01).