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Female Shooter - User Guide

Retargeting Preparation Guide

This guide assumes that you are using a humanoid styled mesh and skeleton.

To ensure that the retargeting process can be done correctly, there are several steps that you need to perform.

  • Open the skeleton file of the mesh that you wish to use for your project.
  • Open the Retarget Manager panel. (by default, it should be located on the left side of the screen, next to Skeleton Tree)
  • Go to the 'Set Up Rig' section, open the 'Select Rig' dropdown, choose 'Select Humanoid Rig'.


Once selected, there will be a list of bone names listed below this dropdown, separated into 2 columns, 'Source' and 'Target'.
If your model's skeleton structure is compatible with Unreal, the editor will most likely already fill the values of your 'Target' column.


However, if your model's skeleton structure is not compatible with Unreal, you might need to manually provide the the values yourself.
Try matching each of the bones used in your model with the ones that is most closely related in the Unreal skeleton.


Once that's done, make sure to adjust the pose of your model so that it resembles the A-Pose used by Unreal's third person mannequin model or the GunnerGirl model.
You can do that by choosing the bones from the Skeleton Tree, and then manipulate the pose on the same window using the editor's gizmo.



Once the A-Pose is ready, do the following,

  • Go to the Retarget Manager panel
  • Navigate to the Manage Retarget Base Pose section
  • Press Modify Pose
  • Select Use Current Pose


After that,

  • Navigate to the Preview Scene Setting panel. (By default it should be located on the right side of the screen, next to the Details tab)
  • If there is an 'Apply to Asset' button available there, make sure to press it.
  • Save your skeleton file afterwards.


You can proceed with the rest of the retargeting process once these steps are performed.